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Help us by translating this app.

Translator Instructions

Go to one of the links below and click the edit button to edit the file. Each translation is provided as,

#: corpora/templates/corpora/home.html:15
msgid "teaching computers indigenous languages"
msgstr ""

The first line is the file where the text resides. As a translator you don't have to worry about this line. The second line is the text you need to translate, msgid "text to translate". These will be in english as the developers write in english. The important line is the third line, msgstr "translation for text to translate", and this is where you provide your translation. Please put your translation inside the quotes, e.g.

#: corpora/templates/corpora/home.html:15
msgid "text to translate."
msgstr "put your translation here."

Māori Translations

Please click a link below to start translating.

Adding Another Language

You'll have to update the Django project settings file to add a language. The best was to do this is to message us and we can add the language and create the relevant language files.

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