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Overwatch API

Unofficial Overwatch API made with Node.js (express, request, cheerio, SQLite) Mockup Overwatch API

What is it ?

It's a JSON API allowing you to retrieve data for players and heroes from the Overwatch game by Blizzard. All data is directly retrieved from Blizzard profile pages and heroes pages.

Important details

In the API, all time values are returned in seconds (integer) thanks to some conversions. I built the API in order to always return an integer/float value when we are dealing with numbers (and not a string).



You can configure the application by modifying the config/app-config.js file. Here are the current available options :

Basic server configuration

Variable Default value Description
SERVER_PORT 8081 Server port to use
SWAGGER_URL '' URL of Swagger page for the API

Logs configuration

Variable Default value Description
ENABLE_LOGS true Enable file logging. If you want to handle logs externally, put this value to false
LOG_LEVEL 'verbose' Log levels, corresponding to Node.js levels : error, warn, info, verbose, debug
LOG_PATH './logs' Logs storage location
LOG_FILENAME 'overwatch-api-%DATE%.log' Logs filename pattern (daily logs)
ZIP_LOGS true Whether or not the app should zip the logs when the day is over

External calls configuration

Variable Default value Description
BLIZZARD_HOST '' Blizzard Overwatch website hostname, base url for career and heroes path
CAREER_PATH '/en-us/career/' Path for Overwatch players career profiles on Blizzard website
HEROES_PATH '/en-us/heroes/' Path for Overwatch heroes pages on Blizzard website

Install and run


You only need to have Node.js and eventually utilities in order to build sqlite package if not directly available for your platform (build-essential on debian for example). If you have any issue on a specific platform, don't hesitate to create an issue on this repository, I will try to solve it as quickly as possible.

npm install
node server.js


First step : pull the official image from the Docker Hub, or build image yourself

docker pull tekrop/overwatch-api


docker build . -t tekrop/overwatch-api:latest

You can set the application configuration on container launch using environment variables, with names like OW_API_<CONFIG_VARIABLE>. Example : OW_API_SERVER_PORT. If no environment variable is specified, the default values are used by the application. You can also create a volume in order to consult the application logs outside of the container. Here are some examples :

Simple launch (no logs volume, default config values)

docker run -d \
    --name overwatch-api \
    -p 80:8081 \

Advanced launch (logs volume and override config, or just no log files)

docker run -d \
    --name overwatch-api \
    -p 80:8081 \
    --volume <local_path_to_logs>:/usr/src/app/logs \
    --env OW_API_LOG_LEVEL="info"\
docker run -d \
    --name overwatch-api \
    -p 80:8081 \
    --env OW_API_ENABLE_LOGS="false" \

Live version

You can see and use a live version of the API here : You can consult the official swagger as well, for details concerning routes :

If you want to use the API, and you have the possibility to host your own instance, please do it (at least for production environment), in order to not overload the live version i'm hosting.

Development details

I'm using Node.js along with Express as the main framework. In order to retrieve data from Blizzard profile pages, I'm using request along with cheerio to make request on the DOM. Finally, I made a simple cache system using SQLite, working with ETag returned by Blizzard profile pages headers.

Bugs and feedback

If you find any bug, problem, or if you have any suggestion for improvements, don't hesitate to make a ticket or send me a mail ( As it's my first API made with Express, I probably made some mistakes and/or forgot to use some features provided by Express. If it's the case, don't hesitate to contact me as well :)

ToDo List

  • Improve caching system (with more features and customization)
  • Unit testing
  • Overwatch League data ?
  • ...


šŸŽ® Unofficial Overwatch API made with Node.js (express, request, cheerio, SQLite)





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