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CL-PUSHOVER - Common Lisp bindings to Pushover

An utility library for using Pushover notifications in Common Lisp.

The goal of this library is complete coverage of Pushover APIs. However, it is being developed as a part of another project that occupies most of my time, so features will be added as needed or as the time allows.



To be implemented

How to use

Include this library in your Quicklisp’s local projects. Load with standard

(ql:quickload :cl-pushover)

To send a Pushover notifications, you need to provide at least three pieces of information:

  • your Pushover app token
  • destination user/group token
  • message body

The simplest request would be:

(cl-pushover:send-pushover :token "your app token" :destination-key "destination user/group token" :message "Body of the message.")

You can omit the :token parameter by setting it in a variable cl-pushover:*default-app-token*.

For more, refer to the docstring of cl-pushover:send-pushover function and the documentation of Pushover API.

Note, that if you want to skip type/sanity checks for some reason (e.g. efficiency), you can call cl-pushover::%send-pushover, which is an unsafe version of the cl-pushover:send-pushover function. Please refer to the code for details.

Examples of other Pushover APIs will be added as the support for those APIs is implemented.


Issues and pull requests welcome :).


MIT. See LICENSE file.