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Rusty clock Build status

An alarm clock with environment stats in pure bare metal embedded rust.

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This alarm clock is programed in bare metal rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display.


The hardware used in this project is

You also need a ST-Link v2 to flash and debug.

Everything can be purchased on Aliexpress. Budget is around US $35 without the 3D printed case and soldering set.


Everything is plugged directly to the blue pill board.

E-paper display to blue pill board:

  • BUSY -> A10
  • RST -> A9
  • DC -> A8
  • CS -> B12
  • CLK -> B13
  • DIN -> B15
  • GND -> G
  • VCC -> 3.3

BME280 to blue pill board:

  • VIN -> 3.3
  • GND -> G
  • SCL -> B6
  • SDA -> B7

Buttons are connected to the blue pill board between G and

  • A6 for cancel
  • A7 for previous
  • B0 for next
  • B1 for OK

Passive buzzer is connected to the blue pill board between G and A0.

Coin battery to blue pill board:

  • (-) -> G
  • (+) -> VB

Plug the micro USB connector of the blue pill board to a USB power supply (or a computer).

Compiling and flashing

For compiling and flashing, please refer to the blue pill quickstart. Note that a nightly toolchain is required.