This package contains the sources to typeset "A short manual for TeXworks"
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This package contains the sources to typeset "A short manual for TeXworks".

TeXworks is an open-source, cross-platform TeX editor designed to lower the entry barrier to the TeX world. See for more information.

The actual sources for the document (together with further information, licensing details, etc.) are located in the src// folders to allow the manual to be translated.


Assuming you have a GNU make compatible version of make installed, you can run make (or alternatively the name of your version, e.g., mingw32-make) in this directory form the command line to build all pdf and html versions of the manual. Please note that this requires pdflatex & friends to be in your $PATH. For typesetting the html version, you additionally need ghostscript and the ImageMagick convert tools in your path. In addition, tidy is recommended.

The packages required to typeset the manual are documented in src/*/README.

Note that not all parts of the makefiles are platform-independent and tested on other than GNU/Linux systems and may thus fail on your system. In the case your invocation doesn't produce a valid output, you can typeset the manual by manually running the proper commands, of course.