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@stloeffler stloeffler released this Mar 16, 2019

New features and improvements:

  • Implement "Insert Citations..." dialog
  • Implement indenting/unindenting by Tab/Shift+Tab (thanks to @fsonner)
  • Make synchronization granularity configurable (highlight corresponding character, word, or line)
  • Add ability to distinguish identically named files by displaying the respective folders they are in in the window title, window menu, and under "Open Recent"
  • Implement "Fit to content width" PDF zoom (which ignores empty space around the text)
  • Disable unavailable typesetting engines
  • Allow to change the editor font size by Ctrl+Mousewheel (thanks to @timhoffm)
  • Improve the detection of spellchecking languages (add ability to search multiple directories and list all results)
  • Hide the menu bar in PDF full screen mode
  • Rework/expand code completion strings (thanks to @josephwright)
  • Add/update syntax highlighting for LaTeX, ConTeXt, Lua, DTX (all thanks to @josephwright), and BibTeX
  • Add cleanup-patterns for beamer files .nav & .snm
  • Add new/unified icons for typeset (thanks to @timhoffm) and zooming
  • Display paper size and file size in the PDF metadata

Bug fixes:

  • Fix infinite loop in syntax highlighter (which caused significant slow-down especially for large files)
  • Fix underline when spellchecking with syntax highlighting
  • Fix "Place on Left/Right", especially on multi-screen setups
  • Avoid 'file "" not found' errors when synchronizing
  • Fix synchronization while searching in a PDF
  • Fix fine-grained synchronization near paragraph boundaries
  • Fix the PDF copy menu command
  • Fix PDF text selection
  • Fix font color reset when searching and using stylesheets
  • Fix crashes when working with locked PDFs
  • Fix unexpected cursor movement when using a combination of backspace and up/down arrow keys (thanks to @mgkuhn)
  • Fix the font in the log parser output
  • Fix persistent magnifying glass
  • Remove unimplemented PDF menu items cut, paste, clear
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