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Starter kit for Tea Commerce for Umbraco

This starter kit gives you a great starting point for your next umbraco ecommerce project. This project is an Umbraco CMS website with Tea Commerce installed and implemented. The starter kit features the basics for an e-commerce solution e.g. product lists, products and a cart flow. This makes is a great starting point for your next Umbraco e-commerce project, giving a client a demo or adding e-commerce posibilities to your existing Umbraco website.

How to use

Just download the project, open in Visual Studio and hit F5.

Log in to umbraco with username admin and password 1234

The starter kit can be used in different ways. It can be the starting point for your next Umbraco e-commerce project. You can use it as a demo for your clients. Or you can download the stand-alone package and install into an existing Umbraco project.

Technical details

This project is using Umbraco 7, Tea Commerce 3 and SQL CE as the database technology.


The Tea Commerce team is more than happy to help you! Whether it is a question about implementation, use of the system or possibilities with Tea Commerce. Learn more about the Tea Commerce support at the website.