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 FCBKcomplete 2.7.5
 - Jquery version required: 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x
 - 2.00	new version of fcbkcomplete
 - 2.01 fixed bugs & added features
 		fixed filter bug for preadded items
		focus on the input after selecting tag
		the element removed pressing backspace when the element is selected
		input tag in the control has a border in IE7
		added iterate over each match and apply the plugin separately
		set focus on the input after selecting tag
 - 2.02 fixed fist element selected bug
		fixed defaultfilter error bug
 - 2.5 	removed selected="selected" attribute due ie bug
		element search algorithm changed
		better performance fix added
		fixed many small bugs
		onselect event added
		onremove event added
 - 2.6 	ie6/7 support fix added
		added new public method addItem due request
		added new options "firstselected" that you can set true/false to select first element on dropdown list
		autoexpand input element added
		removeItem bug fixed
		and many more bug fixed
 		fixed public method to use it $("elem").trigger("addItem",[{"title": "test", "value": "test"}]);
- 2.7 	jquery 1.4 compability
 		item lock possability added by adding locked class to preadded option <option value="value" class="selected locked">text</option>
 		maximum item that can be added

- 2.7.1 bug fixed
		ajax delay added thanks to http://github.com/dolorian

- 2.7.2 some minor bug fixed
		minified version recompacted due some problems
- 2.7.3 event call fixed thanks to William Parry <williamparry!at!gmail.com>

- 2.7.4 standart event change call added on addItem, removeItem
		preSet also check if item have "selected" attribute
		addItem minor fix
- 2.7.5 added options "choose_on_enter,choose_on_tab,choose_on_comma" to control what keys trigger selection
		added option "keep_prompt_after_choose" to control if we stay selected/focused after choosing an option
		added options "force_width" and "auto_width" to control width setting (if both are null || false, no width is set in JS) 
/* Coded by: emposha <admin@emposha.com> */
/* Copyright: Emposha.com <http://www.emposha.com/> - Distributed under MIT - Keep this message! */
 * json_url         - url to fetch json object
 * cache       		- use cache
 * height           - maximum number of element shown before scroll will apear
 * newel            - show typed text like a element
 * firstselected	- automaticly select first element from dropdown
 * filter_case      - case sensitive filter
 * filter_selected  - filter selected items from list
 * complete_text    - text for complete page
 * maxshownitems	- maximum numbers that will be shown at dropdown list (less better performance)
 * onselect			- fire event on item remove, expects function(data){}, data is a javascript object with the attributes _value, _selected, _class.
 *                                                      this within the function is the select element in question.
 * onremove			- same as select but data lacks the _selected property
 * maxitimes		- maximum items that can be added
 * delay			- delay between ajax request (bigger delay, lower server time request)
 * default_search                              - For a default search seacrh string. '.*?' is used to show all by default
 * preset_update                              - to make converted selects skip selected items
 * used_vals                                    - for connected select elements that have a pre-selected values, this is used to filter out selected elements
 * connect_with                               - other autocompletes to connect the selected autocomplete with, for linked selects initialized together, using the 'Array' is recommended
 *                                                     so as to use less memory. Not like there will be much memory used up to begin with.
 * force_width                                  - Uses the width provided for the combo
 * auto_width                                   - Calculates width automatically for the combo
 * choose_on_comma                      - Makes a selection when the comma button is hit 
 * choose_on_tab                             - Makes a selection when the tab is hit 
 * choose_on_enter                          - Makes a selection when the enter is hit 
 * keep_prompt_after_choose            - keeps the combo box open even after selection
 * zIndex                                         - The z-index of the feed.