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= Row Version Migrations

Row Version Migrations is a plugin that automatically generates +created_at+, +updated_at+ and +lock_version+ columns for every table.  The definitions for those columns look like this:

  :created_at,   :datetime,  :null => false
  :updated_at,   :datetime,  :null => false
  :lock_version, :integer,   :null => false, :default => 0

If you have a table for which you do not want row version columns to be
generated, simply pass <code>:row_version => false</code> as an option to +create_table+:

  create_table :orders, :row_version => false do |t|

=== Dependencies
* RedHill on Rails Core (redhillonrails_core).

=== License

This plugin is copyright 2006 by RedHill Consulting, Pty. Ltd. and is released
under the MIT license.
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