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// TealiumHelper.swift
// Blank+Tealium-Swift
// Created by Jason Koo on 11/16/15.
// Updated by Christina Sund on 12/08/18
// Copyright © 2015 Tealium. All rights reserved.
* Using an abstract class like this is the recommended best practice for
* utilizing analytics or other third party libraries requiring an event
* trigger with optional data.
import Foundation
import TealiumIOS
class TealiumHelper: NSObject {
static let shared = TealiumHelper()
static let tealiumInstanceIdentifier = "1"
static var traceIdentifier: String?
class func startTracking() {
let config = TEALConfiguration.init(account: "tealiummobile", profile: "demo", environment: "dev")
let tealium = Tealium.newInstance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier, configuration: config)
TealiumHelper.incrementLifetimeValue(tealium, key: "launches", value: 1)
guard let volatileDataSources = Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?
.volatileDataSourcesCopy() else {
print("Volatile Data: \(volatileDataSources)")
class func addToVolatileData(key: String, value: Any) {
Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?.addVolatileDataSources([key: value])
class func trackEvent(_ title: String, dataSources: [String: AnyObject]) {
Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?.trackType(.activity,
title: title,
dataSources: dataSources,
completion: nil)
class func trackView(_ title: String, dataSources: [String: AnyObject]) {
Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?.trackView(withTitle: title, dataSources: dataSources)
class func startTrace(_ traceIdentifier: String) {
if traceIdentifier == self.traceIdentifier {
self.traceIdentifier = traceIdentifier
addToVolatileData(key: "tealium_trace_id", value: traceIdentifier)
class func stopTrace() {
if nil == traceIdentifier {
traceIdentifier = nil
Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?.trackView(withTitle: "killTrace",
dataSources: ["event": "kill_visitor_session",
"cp.trace_id": "XXXXX"])
class func stopTracking() {
Tealium.destroyInstance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)
extension TealiumHelper: TealiumDelegate {
func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium, shouldDrop dispatch: TEALDispatch) -> Bool {
// Add optional tracking suppression logic here - returning true will destroy
// any processed dispatch so some conditional must eventually return false
return false
func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium, shouldQueue dispatch: TEALDispatch) -> Bool {
// Add optional queuing / saving logic here - returning true will save
// a dispatch so some condition must eventually return false.
return false
func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium, didQueue dispatch: TEALDispatch) {
// Add optional code here to respond to queuing of dispatches.
func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium, didSend dispatch: TEALDispatch) {
// Add optional code here to respond to sent dispatches.
func tealium(_ tealium: Tealium, webViewIsReady webView: Any) {
// Use this to interact with the Tag Management Dispatcher's webview.
// This is available only if Tag Management enabled via remote settings.
// MARK: Example Methods using other Tealium APIs
extension TealiumHelper {
class func incrementLifetimeValue(_ tealium: Tealium, key: String, value: Int) {
var oldValueInStorage:Int? = 0
let persistentData = tealium.persistentDataSourcesCopy()
if let persistentDataValue = (persistentData[key]) as? String {
oldValueInStorage = Int(persistentDataValue)
let incrementedValue = oldValueInStorage! + value
let inrementedValueString = NSString(format: "%i", incrementedValue)
tealium.addPersistentDataSources([key: inrementedValueString])
print("Current lifetime value for \(key) is \(incrementedValue)")
class func enableRemoteCommand() {
Tealium.instance(forKey: tealiumInstanceIdentifier)?
description: "An example remote command block",
targetQueue: DispatchQueue.main,
responseBlock: {(response: TEALRemoteCommandResponse?) -> Void in
print("Remote command response processed - \(String(describing: response))")
// Put any code here that can execute on the main thread - ie content
// modification, A/B testing, etc.
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