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1.1.0-beta11 for MC 1.10.2

@founderio founderio released this
· 187 commits to master since this release
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Adjustments for MC 1.10.2, future releases will be dual-versioned for 1.9.4 and 1.10.2 as long as we can support it.

New Features:

  • Finished behaviour & new (unfinished) model for the conveyor elevator
  • Recipes for grinding flowers down to dyes ( #123 )
  • Nuggets + Matching recipes for the other metal types
  • Recipe improvements ( #199 ):
    • Ore dictionary entries for cement & stone dust
    • Recipes for: Conveyor Elevator, Support beam, Cement, Concrete blocks, Redirector, Aligner, Industrial Lamp, all the fluid-related machines
    • Fixes/improvements for Nozzle & Processor Recipes
    • Rotated variants for some recipes
    • Utilize Ore Dictionary where possible


  • Fix breaking a chute dropping all inventory content of an inventory below the chute ( #229 )
  • Check existence of capabilities before fetching them (should fix #231 )
  • Compatibility changes for the new JEI versions
  • Fixed ore blocks always dropping copper