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1.1.0-beta13 for MC 1.10.2

@founderio founderio released this
· 156 commits to master since this release
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New Features:

  • Add some crusher recipes for other mod's items, using the ore dictionary
  • Add inverted industrial lamp


  • Add tooltips to filter settings ( #239 )
  • JEI pages for the Sprayer Appliance recipes ( #235 )
  • Fix industrial lamp being on by default until hit by a block update ( #241 )
  • Adjust output of support beam recipe from 8 to 16


  • Fixed not being able to place aligner appliance (placed sprayer instead)
  • Fixed conveyor rotation in aligner filter gui ( #237 )
  • Add some missing German translations
  • Fixed smelting of iron + gold dust. They would result in "cheated" ingots - Existing ingots of this kind can now also be crated into regular ingots ( #240 )
  • Fixed rotation bug for the conveyor item bag and conveyor trash can (North + South orientation had the wrong slot availability, making them useless in that orientation) ( #222 )