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1.1.0-beta15-hf1 for MC 1.10.2

@founderio founderio released this
· 81 commits to master since this release
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Hotfix release due to broken build.

New Features / Improvements:

  • Introduce automated unit tests + run them during CI
  • Change wooden conveyor model to not use rubber optic (#257)
  • Add wooden band and change recipe for wooden conveyor (fixes #257)
  • Remove obsolete wood pieces from conveyor model
  • Implement blacklist for right click on conveyors ( Fixes #253 )
  • Reduce cost for magnetic coil and support frame ( #249 )
  • Drop attached redirectors when breaking or disassembling conveyors ( fixes #247 )


  • Added safeguards for null fluidStack arrays and some other cases ( #254 )
  • Added safeguards for issues with partially loaded machines and corrupt data
  • Correctly mark tile entities and multiparts dirty when processing, might fix some desyncs and/or dataloss
  • Prevent model loading errors before variant registration (e8b3b83)
    • Load earlier to prevent errors
    • Add an additional pseudo-variant for inventory rendering
  • Full rewrite of piping system (9b75482, should work towards fixing #213)
  • Network code cleanup (abae350), should improve rendering performance a bit

Known issues:

  • Placing pipe-enabled blocks crashes the game (#267)
  • Using chutes and creative cache crash the game when interacting with hoppers and other non-null-item stuff