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1.1.0-beta14 for MC 1.8.9

@founderio founderio released this
· 151 commits to master since this release
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New Features / Improvements:

  • Finalize Elevator behaviour, model and texture (Some usability improvements are still missing ( #64 )
  • Cleanup Model & Texture of the industrial lamp ( #75 )
  • Made industrial lamps move down a bit when placed on the side of a conveyor or other compatible machine ( also #75, which is DONE now! )
  • Optimize recipe debug logs & caching of recipes in Crusher & Grinder


  • Fixes for the compat recipe generation ( #242 )
  • Fixed a typo in the kaolinite ore dictionary registration
  • Fix crusher (and grinder) deleting items when items backlog (fixes #246)
  • Prevent duping bug with crusher/grinder and hoppers (Fixes #244)