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1.1.0-beta16 for MC 1.9.4

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@founderio founderio released this 16 Dec 01:21
· 3 commits to 1.9 since this release


  • Fix naming issue with IPipePos.getPos (should fix #267)
  • Fix NPE in FluidHandlerCreative (fixes #268)
  • Fix visual glitches and desyncs with item bag (fixes #252)
    • Render update would not trigger recalculation of fill level
    • Updates via GUI/ItemHandler would not sync from server NOR trigger recalculation
  • Fix (possible) NPE when registering recipes with JEI


  • Minor improvement in NBT reading for item bag
  • Add mod ID when setting registry names to fail early if something goes wrong
  • Improve usage of capabilities in test classes
  • Improve rendering performance of empty conveyors + Minor cleanup in the renderer
  • Change source compatibility to 1.8