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Taam Industries certified corporate documentation (Wiki)

Dear valued customer, we are honored to welcome you in this section of our headquarters. Feel free to look through these files as you please. They contain instructions and background information for all our products.

Be advised to play close attention to the files under Machines and Items, they will give you an overview of the Taam Industries portfolio.

If you have the feeling we might have possibly misplaced a file that should be where it is not, tell any of our employees about it and we will take great care of evaluating the suggestion.

Product Roadmap

Here at Taam Industries we take great care to cater to the every need of the heavy industry.
Because of that, Development of the Taam Industries portfolio will happen in three phases, each phase focusing on a specific area. Besides the commons, which will evolve as needed, there are three distinct phases planned. Each with a different kind of production or automation in mind, autonomous from the other phases while maintaining compatibility.

The Commons:

As a foundation for the other areas, the commons provide the required materials and, tools that are used across the whole portfolio. Also, there are some smaller gadgets and decoration blocks that would not fit any specific theme or are supporting the overall impression of your factory.

Production Line (Phase 1):

Conveyors. Anything that is required to build a factory-proof conveyor system, all set with automation and production.
The first release of our production line portfolio is already release to the public, coming to a crafting table near your local birch tree.

##Logistics (Phase 2 or 3): Magnet rails and transport carts. Logistics system with cart routing, supply and demand, automated or manual transport scheduling, automated rerouting and cool monitors (TM).

##Industrial Production (Phase 2 or 3): High performance machines for the chemical and steel industry. This will include a new way of using multiblocks and allow oil & plastics industry as well as high ovens, coke ovens and more heavy industry machines to complete the flair of your factory.

##Multinet (Phase 4): Cables, Logic, Pipes, and multiblock diesel engines. The scope is not yet confirmed, but there will definitely be cable racks, and switch boxes. The list of ideas is long, but we definitely lack a clear concept as of yet. Ehm did I say lack of concept? I meant we are working on revising a meticulously planned rollout concept before we can start shipping.