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🧰 An FRC app to track and manage tools, reimbursements, and attendance hours.

Known Errors

Error: build\app\intermediates\signing_config\debug\out\signing-config.json (Access is denied)
Fix: Remove the file


What is it?

  • A system to easily track the usage and location of tools
  • It will have a sign out system so team members will have to sign out tools in order to use them
  • There will be a sign up system so that team members can only use a tool for however long they signed it out

Why do we need it?

  • So that build will stop arguing and just get on with making the robot so that we can actually have time to program and test it and not have to deal with them/build it ourselves


What is it?

  • A system to easily track and order robot parts
  • It be able to scrape common robotics and shipping sites for tracking information
  • There will be an online shopping cart so as to compile every aspect of ordering a part into one place

Why do we need it?

  • This will eliminate the “What are you doing? This is my part, I ordered it?” and “I need x, someone get it for me?”