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import math
import ntpath
import os
from random import random, randrange
from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageDraw
from collections import namedtuple
class FudgeUtils(object):
""" Image Fudge helper class """
Point = namedtuple('Point', ['x', 'y'])
def __init__(self, image):
""" Opens the image and scales it for antialiasing """
self.image =
except TypeError as e:
if image.__name__ == 'PIL.Image':
self.image = image
else: raise e
except AttributeError:
raise e
self.width = self.image.size[0]
self.height = self.image.size[1]
def anti_alias(scale=2):
def anti_alias_dec(method):
"""anti aliasing decortator"""
def antia(self, *args):
width = self.image.size[0]*scale
height = self.image.size[1]*scale
self.image = self.image.resize((width, height))
method(self, *args)
self.image = self.image.resize((width//scale,
return antia
return anti_alias_dec
def select_point(self):
""" Returns a random point in the image """
return self.Point(int(random()*self.image.size[0]),
def get_center(self):
""" Returns the center point of the image """
return self.Point(x=self.image.size[0]/2, y=self.image.size[1]/2)
def save(self, path):
""" Scales the image back down with antialiasing and saves it """
def random_points(self, point_number):
""" Yeilds a number of random points in the image """
for _ in range(point_number):
yield self.select_point()
def make_bounding_box(origin, distance):
""" Returns 2 points that define a bounding box around an origin """
return [(origin.x-distance, origin.y-distance),
(origin.x+distance, origin.y+distance)]
def get_angle(origin, endpoint):
""" Returns the angle created by the line from origin to endpoint """
dx = endpoint.x - origin.x
dy = endpoint.y - origin.y
return math.degrees(math.atan2(dy, dx))
def get_distance(origin, endpoint):
""" Returns the distance from one point to another """
dx = endpoint.x - origin.x
dy = endpoint.y - origin.y
return math.floor(math.sqrt(math.pow(dx, 2) + math.pow(dy, 2)))
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