Commits on Dec 4, 2018
  1. Cleanup Conventions 2.0 (#35)

    kunalsheth committed Dec 4, 2018
    * Add DutyCycle type
    * Refactor all single function classes into higher-order functions
    * Fix compile errors in :architecture
    * Fix compile errors in :eighteen
    * Refactor PidControlLoop into higher-order function
    * Refactor LazyOffloadedGainWriter into higher-order function
    * Add flush and close methods to Grapher
    * Fix documentation naming
    * Enable loop overrun logging to Ticker
    * Enable GC logging and update preload
    * Organize kapuchin.timing package into sub-packages
    * Implement RealtimeChecker class
    * Use realtimeChecker on Drivetrain and Lift
    * Check if phoenix error codes are ok
    * Create new '' package
    * Graph standard deviation of loop timings in RealtimeChecker
    * Add GC logging
    * Correct loop time STDEV calculation
    * Log loop period and loop compute time in RealtimeChecker instead of loop period STDEV
    * Add STDEV calculations to kapuchin.math package
    * Remove unused buffer size param from RealtimeChecker
    * Write benchmarking script
    * Add run ids so excel can open multiple GRAPHS.xlsx at the same time
    * Add stats page to GRAPHS.xlsx
    * Reformat code
    * Test standard deviation classes
    * Undo changes made only for desktop testing
    * Start thread after ticker is initialized to eliminate race condition
    * Tail -f FRC_UserProgram.log while benchmark is running
    * Add Thread.yield to event loop
    * Reformat code
    * Undo changes made only for desktop testing
    * Refactor ErrorCode.unaryMinus to ErrorCode.unaryPlus