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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Jun 17, 2021


  • Updated icon color for shortcuts
  • FTP MLSD command failed
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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Jun 12, 2021


  • Gridview image placeholder loading circular icons
  • Shortcut icons not recognisable
  • New file dialog allows spaces at the end and beginning
  • FTP server on stock install is not usable
  • Fix ExternalSdCardOperation.getDocumentFile()
  • Exit on AppsListFragment should exit app
  • Add handling for in AppsListFragment
  • Exit menu item at Apps Manager is not responding
  • Leak found from App Manager back to file list
  • Runs have logs that are too long
  • DataUtils.menuMetadataMap leaks MenuItemImpl via value
  • DataUtils.menuMetadataMap leaks MenuItemImpl via key
  • DataUtils$DataUtilsHolder leaks MainActivity when opening Settings
  • Sort button at App Manager is not responding
  • Fix Apps list sort button and correct rebase mistakes at FtpService related classes
  • Update to Kt 1.5
  • Added App Name & Package to error reports
  • Scrolling up in "open with" app selection bottom sheet is very difficult
  • NPE while extracting zip file
  • NPE on ftp setting
  • Auto Capitalization & Request Focus while creating new file or folder
  • NPE inZipHelperTask: Null file
  • Remove "Folder to create zips" configuration
  • Indicator leaks DisablableViewPager
  • LinearLayout leaked at MainActivity
  • NPE on SearchAsyncTask: null MainFragment
  • Fix SftpConnectDialog::onCreateDialog very long method
  • Support extracting APKS
  • NPE on MainActivity: null String on checkForExternalIntent
  • NPE on FileUtil::mktextfile : null OutputStreamWriter
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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Jan 9, 2021

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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Dec 12, 2020

Merge pull request #2130 from TeamAmaze/bugfix/2113

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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Nov 29, 2020

Merge pull request #2095 from TeamAmaze/bugfix/2087

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Nov 28, 2020
Merge pull request #2095 from TeamAmaze/bugfix/2087

@EmmanuelMess EmmanuelMess released this Oct 16, 2020

  • Tab find database query fails and loads home directory sometimes
  • Crash on trying to persist drawer selected item
  • Few minor changes related to About Amaze screen
  • Opening Amaze doesn't restore the last opened path on either tabs
  • Unable to open files when folder has too much content
  • Ringtone picker isn't working on Samsung / Android 9
  • Cut/paste operation from SMB to device fails to delete source file
  • SSH move/back navigation fixes
  • Bump version to 3.5.0 Beta 2
  • Navigation drawer doesn't preserve selected item on orientation change
  • Search Result Title disappears after screen rotation
  • Unable to save file under /system from TextEditorActivity
  • Fix screen rotation problem after PR #1947 applied
  • OTG storage not visible in Amaze on Android >= N
  • Fix broken symlinks on SSH server causing incomplete file listings
  • White screen at Amaze startup, even when dark theme is selected
  • Copy and paste on remote server crashes Amaze
  • Crash on display of properties dialog in landscape
  • Change internal storage name on Android N +
  • FAB button is visible when screen is rotated in FtpServerFragment
  • seems good ^^ minor improvement would be to make the purple "paste" text brighter or white and bold or something else to improve visibility in a dark environment such as this :3
  • Crash on switching from FTPServer and back to internal storage
  • Crash on device rotation
  • Crash on double tap to open Amaze from system launcher app drawer
  • FTP server cannot be used without WiFi, and there is no prompt
  • After giving storage permission normally, rotating the screen and clicking the back button will cause you to be unable to use amazefilemanager normally
  • Documents shortcut does not show any files
  • 1796/1689 : Fix cut operation when nested paster present / source not present
  • Add declaration of cache folder for FileProvider
  • For more security spongycastle -> bouncycastle
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@EmmanuelMess EmmanuelMess released this Sep 18, 2020

Merge pull request #1989 from EmmanuelMess/bump-3.5b3

Bump 3.5 beta 3
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@EmmanuelMess EmmanuelMess released this Sep 14, 2020


Merge pull request #1985 from EmmanuelMess/bump-3.5b2
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@VishalNehra VishalNehra released this Jul 17, 2020

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