24/7 Music Streaming Discord Bot framework for a server-radio, made for ease of use.
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DiscordStreamer is a 24/7 Music Streaming Discord Bot framework for a server-radio, made for ease of use.

WARNING! This module will drastically drain your bandwidth depending on your playlist size. It will be a one-time thing only, unless you add more songs! Also be prepared to use a lot of disk space!


var DiscordStreamer = require("discordstreamer");
var stream = new DiscordStreamer("bot token", __dirname, {"vc": "Voice channel ID", "feed": "Feed text channel ID", "djs": ["Someone's Discord user ID"], "masterUsers": ["Your Discord user ID"]});


Playlists are stored using RethinkDB.


DiscordStreamer offers variety of functions to host your server radio perfectly.

User commands

  • queue - Lets the people see upcoming songs.
    • list
    • playlist
  • info - Shows information about the framework.
    • framework
    • source

DJ commands

  • add - Adds a YouTube video to the playlist file.
    • request
  • skip - Skips the currently playing song forcibly.
  • reshuffle - Reshuffles the playlist, and starts skips to the first song.
    • shuffle

Masteruser commands

  • eval - Evaluates code.
  • restore - Converts post 1.0.0 playlist to RethinkDB.
  • shutdown - Shuts down the bot's current process.
    • off


We have documentation right here! However, if you're lost and need more information, contact us at



Installation guides are provided in the wiki. For an OS that does not have an installation guide yet, contact us on the DiscordStreamer community using the button above.