The Knowledge Base Behind Your Codebase: team chat in your IDE that gets saved with code when you talk about code.
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CodeStream is the knowledge base behind your codebase. Your dev team's discussions about code happen right inside the IDE, and are saved permanently with the code blocks to which they refer. That way your team, including its future members, benefits from working with an annotated codebase. With each discussion, your knowledge base grows and your codebase gets smarter over time.


Install CodeStream

Install CodeStream for VS Code from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Support for more IDEs is on the way.

Help & Feedback

  • Our wiki here on GitHub is a complete help guide with information on getting started with CodeStream.
  • Report a bug or send a suggestion in GitHub issues.
  • Contact us directly at
  • Follow @teamcodestream for product updates and to share feedback and questions.