Creating a Team

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A “team” on CodeStream is where all of the developers from your company will talk about code. In general, even larger companies will only need a single team on CodeStream, with channels created as appropriate to keep discussions properly segregated and organized. If your team uses Slack, you can think of a team on CodeStream as being equivalent to your workspace on Slack.

If your company isn’t already on CodeStream then it’s up to you to sign up and create a team! If your company is already on CodeStream, have someone invite you so that you can join the team.

Signing up

If you already have the CodeStream extension installed in your IDE, you can start the signup process from the CodeStream pane. Otherwise, you can sign up at Either way, the first step will be to decide whether or not to connect your team to Slack.

Chat in Your IDE

Connecting your team to Slack means that the channels and direct messages you see in CodeStream will be the same ones from your Slack workspace. You’ll get a robust Slack experience right inside your IDE, with the added benefit of being able to tie your discussions about code to specific code blocks… and build up a knowledge base for your team in the process!

If your team uses doesn’t use Slack, you can create channels and DMs using CodeStream instead.

Signing up with Slack

Clicking on the “Sign up with Slack” button will take you to Slack to authenticate with your workspace, and will then return you to CodeStream. Note that if your company requires Slack apps to be pre-approved, you won’t be able to sign into CodeStream using Slack. CodeStream’s app isn’t yet available in the Slack app directory.

If you started the signup process from the CodeStream web site, your next step will be to download the CodeStream extension for your IDE. First, be sure to copy the sign-in token. Once you have the extension installed, click the “Sign In” link at the bottom of the page and then paste the token into the form to sign into CodeStream.

All Set

If you started the signup process from the extension, all you need to do is return to your IDE and click the Continue button.

Invite your team

Even without inviting the rest of your team, you can start participating in discussions in Slack channels from within CodeStream. More importantly, you can comment on blocks of code, and those discussions will appear in Slack and leave behind discussion markers in your codebase so that your team starts building up its knowledge base.

Of course, getting the rest of your dev team onto CodeStream allows them to contribute to, and benefit from, the knowledge base as well. Click on the “Invite People” link at the bottom of the Direct Messages section of the channel switcher to get an invitation link you can share with your team by pasting it into a Slack channel or sending it via email.

Invite People Slack

Signing up with CodeStream

Clicking on the “Use CodeStream Channels” button will take you to CodeStream’s signup form.

Sign Up

After signing up you’ll need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in an email we’ll send to you. From there you’ll be asked to create your team.

Create Team

All you need to do now is return to your IDE and click the “Continue” button to start using CodeStream.

Invite your team

Now it’s time to get the discussion flowing, and for that you’ll need to add other developers to the team. Click on the “Invite People to CodeStream” link at the bottom of the Direct Messages section of the channel switcher and you'll be able to invite people via email, and also see everyone currently on the team.

Invite People

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