DEPRICATED Knowledge Base & Discussion Markers

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Development teams go to great lengths to track every little change to their codebases, but they let the discussions about that code scroll off the top of channel histories to never be seen again. CodeStream recognizes the long-term value of those discussions and saves them permanently alongside the codebase.

Discussion Markers

Scrolling back endlessly in a chat stream isn’t an effective way to leverage past discussions, which is why CodeStream represents those discussions with markers displayed in your source files.

Discussion Marker

Even with the best search functionality, there’s little chance developers are going to go hunting for past discussions about code. CodeStream’s discussion markers surface the right discussions at exactly the right place. Whether you’re about to debug, rewrite, or review, the markers in the source file will make you immediately aware of past discussions about the code, and reviewing those discussions may give you some context and shape the work at hand.

Just click on a marker and you'll be taken into the past discussion thread. If there were multiple discussions about the given block of code, you'll be able to select which one you want to review.

Marker Visibility

The markers you will see in any given source file are those that represent discussions in channels or DMs in which you are a member. This is why we encourage you to have discussions about code in public channels whenever possible. This allows the broadest set of people to leverage the knowledge base that the markers represent.

Marker Placement

It goes without saying that your source files will evolve over time, and that discussion about a new method at line 72 today will be at line 93 next month. CodeStream tracks these changes and makes sure that discussion markers move along with their associated code blocks. This also means that different developers may see the same marker at different places. A developer who just added 20 lines of code to a file might see a marker 20 lines below where the rest of her team sees it.

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