Git Issues

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When you post a message with a code block you may encounter one of the following Git-related warnings.

Repo isn’t managed by Git

While technically not a requirement, some of CodeStream’s functionality does depend on your repository being managed by Git, or a Git hosting service like GitHub. If you’re not using Git, your team will still be able to discuss code using CodeStream, but you won’t be able to leverage the knowledge base aspect of the service because Git is used to help display discussion markers throughout the source files.

Note that this error could also mean that Git isn’t in your PATH. If so, please add it to your PATH and then restart your IDE.

Repo doesn’t have a remote URL

The remote URL is part of what allows CodeStream to tie the code block from your message to the appropriate file/location in the corresponding repo in your teammates’ IDEs. From the command line, do a git remote -v to confirm whether or not you have a remote URL configured for this repository. If there is no remote URL, find out the correct URL and then specify the remote by doing a git remote add origin <remote URL>.

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