Guide to CodeStream Notifications

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As a chat service, it's important for CodeStream to make sure that you're aware of new messages from your teammates, but at the same time give you the controls to determine how and when you're notified.

Unread Messages

One of the most important responsibilities of a chat app is, of course, to let you know when you have new messages. In the chat stream itself you’ll see a blue “new” line appear to separate new messages from those you’ve already read.

New Messages

At the top of the stream is the back button to return to the channel switcher. If there are unread messages in channels other than the one you're currently in, the back button will be displayed as a badge with two arrows instead of one.


If have unread mentions or direct messages, the count will be displayed as part of the back button.

Unread Mentions

When you go to the channel switcher, you’ll see that channels with unread messages are displayed in bold. If you’ve been mentioned in a channel, a blue badge will indicate the number of mentions. Direct messages will also have a blue badge indicating the number of unread messages.

Channel Switcher

Note that if you mute a channel, it will no longer be bolded when there are unread messages, but a blue badge will still be displayed if you’re mentioned in a muted channel.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are currently available for the VS Code extension. By default, you’ll be notified when you’re mentioned or receive a DM with a popup at the bottom-right of the IDE.

Desktop Notifications

If you’d like to get desktop notifications for all messages, you’ll need to add the following line to your VS Code user settings.

"codestream.notifications": "all",

Change “all” to “none” if you’d like to turn off desktop notifications entirely. Use “mentions” to change back to the default, or simply remove the line from your settings.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent when there are new messages posted to CodeStream and you either don’t have your IDE open, aren’t signed into CodeStream, or haven’t yet signed up for CodeStream.

You can even reply to email notifications, and the replies will get posted to the appropriate stream.

Settings to manage your email notifications are coming soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to turn off emails just contact our support team at

Note that email notifications do not apply to teams that are connected to Slack.

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