How do I connect my Slack workspace to CodeStream?

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When you create a team on CodeStream you can choose to use Slack as your underlying messaging service. That means that the channels and direct messages you see on CodeStream will be the those from your Slack workspace. You’ll get a robust Slack experience right inside your editor, with the added benefit of being able to tie your discussions about code to specific code blocks… and build up a knowledge base for your team in the process!

If your team doesn’t use Slack, you can create channels and DMs using CodeStream instead.

Create a new team

If your team is already on CodeStream and you’d like to use Slack for your messaging, you’ll need to create a new Slack-connected team. We don’t currently have a way to migrate your message history from the old team to the new one, but if this is important to you reach out to use at and we’ll do our best to figure something out for you.

To create a new team, just sign out of CodeStream (“CodeStream: Sign Out” from the VS Code command palette) and then look for the button to “Sign Up with Slack”. You’ll be taken through authentication with Slack, and then when you return to the editor you’ll have a new CodeStream team with the same name as your Slack workspace. The channel switcher should now show you all of your channels and DMs from Slack.

Inviting your teammates

Even without inviting the rest of your team, you can start participating in discussions in Slack channels from within CodeStream. More importantly, you can comment on blocks of code, and those discussions will appear in Slack and leave behind discussion markers in your codebase so that your team starts building up its knowledge base.

Of course, getting the rest of your dev team onto CodeStream allows them to contribute to, and benefit from, the knowledge base as well. Click on the “Invite People to CodeStream” link at the bottom of the Direct Messages section of the channel switcher to get an invitation link you can share with your team by pasting it into a Slack channel or sending it via email.

At the moment, you can only be on one Slack-connected team on CodeStream. We hope to eliminate this restriction very soon though.

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