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Sharing Codemarks

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The introduction to codemarks covered how, when you create a codemark you also select a channel or direct message in which to share it. That could be a channel/DM within CodeStream, or one on Slack or Microsoft Teams. CodeStream also provides other ways to share your codemarks.

If you click on the ellipses menu for a codemark and select “Copy link”, you’ll get a shareable link for the codemark. Take that link and share it on wiki, in a Jira ticket, a Slack thread… or just about anywhere! This is also a great option for sharing codemarks on messaging services for which CodeStream doesn’t have a direct integration.

Copy Link

When someone clicks on the link they’ll be prompted to sign into CodeStream first, so bear in mind that only other people in your CodeStream team will be able to use it. Once authenticated, they’ll see a web-based rendering of the codemark that looks very similar to how you would see it inside your IDE.

Codemark Page

From these codemark pages you can view the block of code on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, should the code be hosted on one of those services. Better yet, you can view it right inside your IDE by selecting your IDE from the dropdown list. Note that if you’re using a JetBrains IDE, including Android Studio, you’ll need to install Toolbox App first.

Even if you don’t happen to have the given repo open in your IDE, CodeStream will automatically open the source file for you (as long as you’ve opened the repo at least once while signed into CodeStream). If CodeStream doesn’t know the repo’s location on your disk, you’ll be prompted to locate it.

Locate Repo

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