VS Live Share Integration

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Visual Studio Live Share is a great plugin from Microsoft that allows users of VS Code to share a project with teammates so that they can access it right from within their IDE. Once a share session has been started you can edit and debug together in real time. CodeStream extends Live Share functionality by creating a channel for each share session so that you can chat with the people you’re sharing with throughout the course of the share session.

If you want to start a share session with just one of your teammates you can click on their headshot and select “Invite to Live Share”.

Invite to Live Share

A message will be posted to your DM stream with that teammate, and it will have a link to the share session.

Message in Stream

You can also start a share session by using the /liveshare slash command. Use that command in any stream and a message will get posted with a link to the share session, allowing any member of the given stream (whether it’s a channel or a DM) to join the share session.

Note that you can also use either of the above methods to invite more people to an active share session. For example, say you’ve got a share session going with your teammate Eric and you decide that another teammate, Peter, may be able to help. Just click on Peter’s headshot, or use the /liveshare command in your DM with Peter, and CodeStream will recognize that you have an active share session and invite Peter to it, rather than starting a new one.

Once the share session has started you’ll be able to continue chatting on CodeStream throughout the session.

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