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ProPPR: Programming with Personalized PageRank


Beyond the README

Contributing to ProPPR

  • Commit Checklist: How to run tests and avoid breaking the build
  • API Use Cases: In theory, when we make something possible in the API, we'll document it here.

Version History

  • Initial python prototype, Winter 2012
  • Initial Java learner, Winter 2012/2013
  • Initial Java prover, Spring 2013
  • Proving revision of python prototype, Summer 2013 (newcomponents etc)
  • Full Java system, Autumn 2013?
  • WAM python prototype, Summer 2014
  • WAM Java system, Autumn 2014 (branch:2.0)
  • Optimized SRW math, Winter 2014/2015 (branch:srw2.0)