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JMeter plugin shows Google App Engine estimated costs by request
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JMeter 2.7 with App Engine Meter.launch


This JMeter plugin shows Google App Engine estimated costs by request:


This information could help you to see what requests are most expensive, and have realistic and detailed picture about you application cost.


  1. You will need JMeter 2.7 or above (earlier versions will work most probably; however plugin was not tested with them)
  2. Dowonload latest version of appengine-meter.jar
  3. Put it to <JMETER_HOME>/lib/ext
  4. Restart JMeter


App Engine Meter is very similar to other JMeter listeners. Just add it to your test plan: right-click on your Thread Group and select Add->Listener->App Engine Cost Report. That's it!


Set Up Development Environment

  1. Create folder for project
  2. Checkout JMeter 2.7

svn co jmeter2.7

  1. Get Appengine-Meter sources

git clone appengine-meter

  1. Build JMeter

cd jmeter2.7
ant download_jars package

  1. Copy jmeter2.7/lib folder to appengine-meter
  2. Start Eclipse and create workspace in folder created in the first step
  3. Copy jmeter2.7/eclipse.classpath to jmeter2.7/.classpath
  4. In Eclipse, create Java Project with name jmeter2.7 and let Eclipse set up all source folders and libs automatically
  5. Go to jmeter2.7 properties, then Java Build Path, then Order and Export. Click Select All and then OK
  6. Import appengine-meter as existing Eclipse project

Run and Debug Locally

There is ready-to-use launch configuration within project.

In menu, select Run->Run Configurations and choose JMeter 2.7 with App Engine Meter which is under Java Application section.

Build JAR

Double-click on export-jar.jardesc, then click Finish. Then look for appengine-meter.jar in the same folder.

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