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Ever PS Blog for Prestashop 1.7

Multilingual blog module for Prestashop 1.7 only

Prestashop administrators can create authors, tags categories and posts. Comments can be allowed on blog, users can be banned too.

Prestashop 1.7 free blog module

This free module allows you to create a blog on Prestashop 1.7

You can make a donation to support the development of free modules by clicking on this link

Hooks for developpers

You can use actions hooks by hooking on these custom action hooks :

  • actionBeforeEverBlogInitContent (params : int blog_post_number, array everpsblogposts, array evercategories, int page)
  • actionBeforeEverCategoryInitContent (params : blog_category obj, array blog_posts)
  • actionBeforeEverAuthorInitContent (params : obj blog_author)
  • actionBeforeEverPostInitContent (params : blog_post obj, array blog_tags, array blog_products, obj blog_author)
  • actionBeforeEverAuthorInitContent (params : obj blog_tag, array blog_posts)

Hooks for webdesigners

Tou can use these diplay hooks by hooking modules on theses custom display hooks :

  • displayBeforeEverLoop (no params) : displayed before post loop
  • displayAfterEverLoop (no params) : displayed after post loop
  • displayBeforeEverAuthor (params: obj everblogauthor) : displayed before author page
  • displayAfterEverAuthor (params: obj everblogauthor) : displayed after author page
  • displayBeforeEverCategory (params: obj everblogcategory) : displayed before category page
  • displayAfterEverCategory (params: obj everblogcategory) : displayed after category page
  • displayBeforeEverTag (params: obj everblogtag) : displayed before tag page
  • displayAfterEverTag (params: obj everblogtag) : displayed after tag page
  • displayBeforeEverPost (params: obj everblogpost) : displayed before post page
  • displayAfterEverPost (params: obj everblogpost) : displayed after post page
  • displayBeforeEverComment (no params) : displayed before comments on post page
  • displayAfterEverComment (params: obj everblogpost) : displayed after comments on post page

In order to use these hooks, you can use free HTML blocks module Ever Block, available here

Documentation (French only)

Available at