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Project Coleslaw

A simple implementation of the classic parlor game 'Salad Bowl' (aka 'Celebrity'). A charades-style game where where everyone writes down 1 person, 1 place, and 1 thing on individual scraps of paper and then combines them all in a bowl. The group is split into two teams: we'll call Team A and Team B. First, someone from Team A stands up, picks an item out of the bowl (in our case it would appear on their app) and tries to get the rest of their team to guess what the item is (without using the word). The person does this as many times as they can in 1 minute (they're allowed as many passes as they need). After this, a person from Team B stands up and does the same, then a new person from Team A, etc.

User Stories & Flows

See Issues for a list of user stories, priorities, and milestones.

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