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Fan translation for Fire Emblem If
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August 2017

We changed the way we're proofreading files from here on, which is why
some second gen supports are missing this month. They'll most likely be
back in the next commit.
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Fire Emblem If Fan Translation

Team If

This is where you'll find the latest updates to the Fire Emblem If fan translation project. Starting just after the game's Japanese release in 2015, we've managed to translate all three story paths (Hoshido, Nohr, and Invisible Kingdom), all Skinship lines, most of the NPC dialogue, and a good portion of the character support conversations.

Difference from Fates

This game did receive an official English localization and was released under the title Fire Emblem Fates. However, on its way across the ocean, several features present in the original release were altered or missing. Many parts of the game's story and dialogue were re-written to tone down some of its more mature themes, and certain features present in the original release, such as the Skinship minigame, were cut entirely. As fans of the Fire Emblem series, we believe that western gamers deserve to be able to play the game as it was originally intended, with everything from the Japanese release intact. It's for that very reason that we're continuing to work on this patch.

Release schedule

We're trying to update to update the repo on a monthly basis, and we'll release a ready-to-use patch when certain milestones are met.

How to use

To use the patch, simply download the latest release, located here. Then, follow the instructions located in this repo's wiki.


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