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Chimp is a hackathon idea generator made by Team Impatient Banana at Revolution UC fall 2014.

It generates a name for your hackathon prodject using the awesome foswig.js (, suggests a project type, then suggests some technologies to use in your hack. The results vary from genius to weird, but luckily we also give links to resouces - in other words, even if you don't take to a particular idea, Chimp can inspire users to try new things.

Chimp also uses JQuery, JQuery waypoints (, and Twitter Bootstrap.

The music is Fabio Confalone - Tempesta. It was downloaded from Jamendo and is used under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.


Done! No more development is being done and no more features are being added. Feel free to make feature and bug requests, but don't expect them to get done. Feel free to make pull requests.

##To install on your own server

Chimp is a completely client-side HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 app. That means that installing and using is as simple as uploading the master branch to your server and accessing index.html of the directory you threw it in.

You can also just download the master branch onto your computer and open the index.html in your browser of choice.

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