/f/lat, a simple, flat html5 bulletin board. Share html5 games, videos, and more
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/f/lat is a simple HTML5 bulletin board made at MHacks V Spring 2015.

Share and commment on files instantly; upload games, videos, and more. Stay anonymous or use a pseudonym. Works best with files that can be opened by a web browser like WebM video and one-page (flat) HTML5 games. Based on the 4chan.org/f/ message board.

/f/lat was built with Node.js and Bootstrap.


Done! No more development is being done and no more features are being added. Feel free to make feature and bug requests, but don't expect them to get done. Feel free to make pull requests.

##To install on your own server

WARNING: no security is being done to protect the server from malicious uploads. Install at your own risk!

Prerequisits: Node.JS, NPM, MongoDB

First start MongoDB by openging up a terminal and running "mongod". Then just clone the repository, navigate to it in a terminal, then run "npm install" to install the dependencies, then "npm start" to start the server. Access the server at localhost:4000 in your favorite web browser.