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Vampirism for Minecraft 1.16 - Latest branch Build Status License: LGPL v3 Discord Server


Mod Description

Vampires are fast, strong and blood-thirsty entities, which do not like the sun, but don't fear the night, and the best thing is: You can become one!

This mod allows you to become a vampire with all its benefits and drawbacks.

After being bitten by a vampire or manually injecting some vampire blood you get an effect called "Sanguinare Vampiris" which eventually turns you into a vampire.

For a more detailed description head over to the Minecraft Forum or the Curseforge page.


Downloads on CurseForge
Downloads on Modrinth
Help to translate
Short feature overview


Special Thanks to

  • PixelEyeStudios Models/Textures
  • TinkerHatWill Textures
  • Alis Textures
  • dimensionpainter Textures
  • S_olace Textures
  • Mistadon Code/Models
  • wildbill22 Code
  • LRA_10 Models/Textures
  • Oreo365 Models
  • Slippingchip400 Models
  • Йода Textures
  • XxKidDowdallxX Textures
  • F_Spade Textures
  • Matheo Lore
  • cournualllama2 Lore
  • Random Textures


Vampirism has an API you can use to add blood values to your mod's creatures or make them convertible and more.

Setup Gradle build script

You should be able to include it with the following in your build.gradle:

repositories {
    //Maven repo for Vampirism
    maven {
        url = ""
dependencies {
    //compile against the Vampirism API
    deobfCompile "de.teamlapen.vampirism:Vampirism:${mc_version}-${vampirism_version}:api"
    //at runtime (in your development environment) use the full Vampirism jar
    runtime "de.teamlapen.vampirism:Vampirism:${mc_version}-${vampirism_version}"

Choose a version

${mc_version} gets replaced by the current Minecraft version. (i.e. 1.10.2) ${vampirism_version} gets replaced by the version of Vampirism you want to use (i.e 1.0.3)

For a list of available Vampirism version, see CurseForge or the maven listing .

These properties can be set in a file named, placed in the same directory as your build.gradle file. Example


Rerun Gradle setup commands

Please run the commands that you used to setup your development environment again. E.g. gradlew or gradlew build --refresh-dependencies Refresh/Restart your IDE afterwards.

Run Vampirism in a deobfuscated environment

Since Vampirism uses mixins, and they try to use the obfuscated mappings by default, it is currently required to disable the mixin for mixin based mods. Therefore, you currently have to set the Java system property mixin.env.disableRefMap to true when running Vampirism in dev. This can e.g. be achieved by adding

property 'mixin.env.disableRefMap', 'true'

to your run configurations in your build.gradle and then regenerate your IDE run configurations (genIntelliJRuns or similar).

If you run into issues with the mixins you can also set mixin.env.ignoreRequired to true. However, not all of Vampirism will work correctly then.


Checkout this example project:

If you want to create an addon which access all of Vampirism's classes, not just the API, checkout this and consider contacting @maxanier.

Code Structure

The minecraft_version branch serves as the main development branch. There might be older (stable) branches for the same MC version postfixed with the Vampirism main version.
It may receive bugfixes until the latest branch is released.
The source code is currently divided into three parts, which might be split in the future.


Located in de.teamlapen.vampirism
Contains the mod source code. Depends on the other two parts.

Vampirism API

Located in de.teamlapen.vampirism.api
Designed to be used by mods that only optionally interact with Vampirism as well as addon mods depending on Vampirism.

VampLib/TeamLapen Lib

Located in de.teamlapen.lib Independent mod (Contains @Mod).
Provides Helpers and Registries to automate stuff like EntityUpdates. Provides abstract classes/default implementations/interfaces to simplify things (located under de.teamlapen.lib.lib).

Setting up the development environment

If you would like to compile your own versions or even contribute to Vampirism's development you need to setup a dev environment. The following example instructions will setup IntelliJ (Free community edition or Non-Free Ultimate edition). If you already have a setup or want to use another IDE, jump here.


  1. Make sure you have the Java JDK (minimum Java 8) as well as the IntelliJ IDE installed.
  2. If you want to contribute to the development (via pull requests), fork Vampirism on Github.
  3. (Optionally) Install Git, so you can clone the repository and push changes.
  4. Clone (git clone or download Vampirism to a new "Vampirism" folder.
  5. In IntelliJ use New... -> New from Version Control -> Fill out repo, directory and name
  6. After cloning is done IntelliJ offers you to import a unlinked Gradle Project. Click this.
  7. Refresh the gradle project
  8. Run genIntellijRuns and edit the run config to use the correct module
  9. Make sure Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Compiler -> 'Add runtime assertions for not-null-annotated methods and parameters' is disabled (Unfortunately required, requires rebuild if the project has been built before)
  10. You might have to modify the projets compiler output path

That's it.

Eclipse or other IDEs

If you would like to setup Vampirism in another way or another IDE, you should pay regard to the following points.

  1. Make sure src/main/java, src/api/java and src/lib/java are marked as source folders and src/main/resources and src/lib/resources are marked as resource folders.
  2. Vampirism might have a few dependencies (e.g. Waila), which are specified in the gradle files and should be automatically downloaded and added when you run ideaModule or eclipse.
  3. Vampirism requires at least Java 8

Code Style

The code style used in this project is the IntelliJ default one.
For Eclipse you can use the settings created by @Cheaterpaul FormatFile ImportOrder


This mod is licenced under LGPLv3 except for the following parts:


Any textures included in this mod are licenced under the following terms:

Any textures (and models) included in the mod may be used, remixed and distributed for anything related to Vampirism (fan art, addon mods, forks, reviews, ...) excluding resource packs.
If you want to use them in a resource/texture pack, you must credit the Vampirism project or the individual creator where applicable and it must not be used commercially.

This mod uses these sounds from freesound:
DST-VampireMonk.mp3 by Striderjapan -- -- License: CC Attribution
vampire bites by Bernuy -- -- License: CC Attribution
bow02.ogg by Erdie -- Licence: CC Attribution
the swarm v31m3 by Setuniman -- Licence: CC Attribution
Boiling Towel by unfa -- Licence: CC Attribution
Pepper mill grinds pepper by Black_River_Phonogram -- Licence: CC0
Slimey by Nebulasnails -- Licence: CC0