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Biteable Creatures

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Biteable Creatures

In Vampirism you can bite several creatures to get blood.
Sometimes they even become vampires and act different.

Dynamically calculated values

Starting with Vampirism 1.4 values for unknown animals (instanceof EntityAnimal) are dynamically calculated during runtime.
Thereby creatures from most other mods should be biteable.
The values are calculated based on the entities (collision box) size. However, there is a minimum size requirement for making a creature biteable. Also the values are capped at a certain values and set lower slightly than the hardcoded values to avoid exploits.

Value are indirectly synced between server and client and also stored with the entity itself (so changed values only affect newly spawned creatures).

Dynamically calculated values are saved to and loaded from (world/vampirism/dynamic-blood-values.txt).

Adjusting the values / Adding new biteable creatures / Preventing dynamic calculation

Users and mod pack creator

If you want to adjust the amount of blood a creature gives, follow these instructions

  1. Go to your .minecraft/config/vampirism directory
  2. Create a vampirism_blood_values.txt file
  3. Set a blood value by adding a line "entity_name=value" (e.g minecraft:cow=5)

To find out an entity's name, spawn one and use the "/vampirism-test entity" command near to it. One or more names should pop up, choose the one that sounds right.

You also can change the blood value of all creatures (including modded) at once by changing minecraft:multiplier=10 to something else (must be an integer). All blood values are multiplied by this divided by 10. This does not affect dynamically calculated ones.

These values will overwrite any default values or dynamically calculated values. The resulting file should look similar to here.
If you have added values for a larger count of modded mobs, please send them to us so we can add them as defaults.

To prevent a creature from having a dynamic value assigned set it's blood value to 0 here.

Mod authors

If you want to add blood values for your creatures, you can either use the API or (starting with Vampirism 1.4) send a Inter-Mod-Communication-Message via Forge:

Adding a new convertible creature

If you want a certain creature to be convertible to a vampire version, follow these instructions. You first need to create a overlay image. It has to have the size of entity's texture and has to be see-though. Anything in this image will be rendered over the original entity texture.
Example (Cow): Image

  • First get the texture of the creature (either it is available e.g. on Github, or you have to open the mod file (as zip, e.g. using 7zip, or by changing the file ending to .zip) and navigate to 'resources/assets...').
  • Then the file with an image tool that supports layers (e.g. GIMP or Photoshop). Create a new transparent layer and draw the 'converted changes' (e.g. red eyes) into this layer.
  • Afterwards make the base layer invisible and only export your own drawings. Send the image to me (
  • If you want to test how it looks in-game beforehand, you can save the complete image (with base layer) and put it into a resource pack (at the same path as you found it in the mod's file).

Then contact the mod authors of Vampirism (e.g. send the image to If you are a mod author consider making your modded creatures convertible using the API.

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