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No vampires are spawning

Custom Mob Spawner / Mo's creatures

Custom Mob Spawner replaces the vanilla spawning algorithm and does not properly handle Vampirism's creatures.

As a workaround: Go to your config directory and look for the CustomSpawner directory. In there you should find a overworld folder with a Creatures subfolder. Edit the DE.cfg file and look for vampire and vampire baron. Change canSpawn to true and the type to MONSTER. With that I was able to see some vampires spawn. However, I do not know if this is reset on certain occasions.

Thaumcraft - Can't get Examine Fire closely research

As a workaround you can go to your config directory (or use the GUI Main Menu -> Mods -> Vampirsm -> Config -> Balance) and open the Balance - vampire_player.cfg (Vampire Player General) and change fire_vulnerability_type to 0 and fire_vulnerability_max_mod to 1. Thereby the increased fire vulnerability added by Vampirism is deactivated.

If your game crashes or does not start, we do NEED a crashreport

Without a log file or at at least a extensive description of your problem, we can do absolutely nothing to help you.
So please follow the following steps (If you have questions about the steps themselves, feel free to ask):

  1. Find the Minecraft crash report file. If you use the standard Minecraft launcher, the folder can be found here. The interesting file is inside the crash-reports, choose the latest file. If you use another launcher, it might have a function to easily upload or locate log files.
  2. Make a post in the Minecraft Forum thread, describe the problem and include the log either within a spoiler or as a Paste of it. If you know what you are doing, you can also create an issue on Github.

There is a helpful guide here

Besides that there are two things which can make stuff easier for you or us:

  1. MultiMc is a very useful launcher/mod manager, which allows you to upload your log files with one click.
  2. OpenEye is a useful mod, which sends crashes together with some useful information to the mod authors, so please consider installing this
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