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Build web apps and NativeScript applications from one codebase using the AngularCLI.
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Angular NativeScript Seed

Build truly web and native applications using NativeScript and Angular. This seed allows your project to share code between the environments; having complete control over dependencies.


  • i18n Translations
  • Lazy Loaded Modules
  • Angular CLI // Webpack // Testing
  • Target Phone and Tablet Templates Individually. The following extensions are supported:
Extension Platform
.{html/scss}                   Recommended for Web. Does apply to both platforms when .tns equivalent does not exist.
.tns.{html/scss}               Only for mobile
.tns.ios.{html/scss}   Only for iOS{html/scss} Only for Android{html/scss} Only for iOS Phone{html/scss} Only for Android Phone
  • Docker build provided using NGINX to serve web content and load balance reverse proxied backends. (See nginx folder for setup instructions)

Getting Started

Web is setup from the root.

npm i

Mobile is setup from the nativescript folder.

cd nativescript
npm i

Each platform is run respective to it's folder. View available commands here:

How To's

Workspace Options

Web Preview Native Preview


Don Burgess Sean perkins
Don Burgess Sean Perkins