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Welcome to the Metallurgy Github!

Here you can find all of our code and see what we're working on, as well as report bugs, discuss issues, and suggest features/changes!

If you'd like to do such, please visit Issues (found at the top right) and make sure it hasn't previously been reported/suggested, then post the bug with the appropriate Label. If it has been reported, please reply to the Issue already posted and throw your known information related to it.

  • Balance - This is a change to stats of something in the mod.
  • Bug - This is an issue caused by the mod.
  • Compatibility - This is a feature that would make working with another mod easier.
  • Conflict - This is a conflict with another mod.
  • Feature - Something new to the mod, items, blocks, etc.
  • Suggestion - An idea or change you want to see in the mod (use this label in addition to other labels)

As an open source project now, we're allowing guest coders. If you see a bug and want to try to address it feel free to take a shot at it. We're welcoming anyone to assist on the future of Metallurgy.

Thanks for your time,


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