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# Vision of SAIDA

Our vision is to develop the first starcraft AI which can defeat a professional human starcraft player so as to improve our AI technology.

# SAIDA Bot?

AIIDE2018 Winner
SSCAIT ELO Rank Top 1 (since 2018-10-27)

SAIDA Bot is made to play like a human. He changes his strategy according to enemy's. He also catches perfect rush timing by using information he collected. To collect data, he uses scout units and scan.

You can watch SAIDA's real time play at here(SSCAIT).

Based on UAlberta Bot and Fully restructured. BWEM. BWAPI : 4.1.2

# History of SAIDA

There is an Algorithm Contest in Samsung SDS every year. It's a developer's festival and last year('17), the subject was "Starcraft". Lots of developers participated in this festival and the contest was successful. After the contest, some developers who had a good grade in the contest gathered to make worldwide champion bot. They proposed this idea to the company and fortunately it is accepted. That is the start of 'SAIDA'. It started in January, 2018 with 8 developers.

Samsung SDS 2017 Algorithm Contest - Starcraft

# Who made SAIDA?

  • Iljoo Yoon
  • Daehun Jun
  • Junseung Lee
  • Hyunjin Choi
  • Changhyeon Bae
  • Hyunjae Lee
  • Yonghyun Jeong
  • Uk Jo

# How to Contact us?


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