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MySQL - SSH tunnel auth fail #415

kk0917 opened this Issue Sep 29, 2018 · 9 comments


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kk0917 commented Sep 29, 2018

Every time I get a error when I try to setup a MySQL connection with the SSH tunnel option.
The error message is "Error: All configured authentication methods failed".


  • MacOS Sierra
  • TeamSQL4.0.379

How Can I setup a connection with the SSH tunnel option?


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willemnviljoen commented Oct 3, 2018

Authentication always fails for SSH tunnel


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willemnviljoen commented Oct 3, 2018

I've done some additional testing. On the MacOS application, it appears this is related to trying to authenticate with an SSH private key.

As an experiment, I tried setting up password authentication (really not ideal) to my database server. Doing that, SSH tunneling works.

I noticed that even though I selected a key file, the client was not showing the path to that file when next I edited the connection. It could be some problems with hidden files on MacOS preventing the client from reading the key file.


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barisozanguler commented Oct 3, 2018

Hi @willemnviljoen

Issue is not related to file path not showing in Edit Connection screen but may cause of some private keys file encoding types and file permissions. Could you check out your authentication logs in "/var/log/auth.log" file from your server and ensure your private key has necessary permissions on your user ?

If you can tell us your server environment(os, os version, ssh config file output), we can try to create same environment because we can't reproduce same issue in our test servers.



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e-inv-sangjun-lee commented Oct 4, 2018

Hi @willemnviljoen

I have the same error
The error message is Error: All configured authentication methods failed


  • MacOS High Sierra(10.13.5)
  • TeamSQL4.0.379 (4.0.379.379)

I could access it using command as below
ssh -i /Users/xxx/.vagrant/machines/vh/virtualbox/private_key vagrant@ -p 2222

-rw-------  1 xxx  xxx  1679  9  7  2018 /Users/xxx/.vagrant/machines/vh/virtualbox/private_key

But I couldn't access Test Connection on TeamSQL

Port: 2222
Username: vagrant
Private Key File: /Users/xxx/.vagrant/machines/vh/virtualbox/private_key

Would you please check?

@murteza murteza added the bug label Oct 4, 2018


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henrynw commented Oct 4, 2018

Same issue here. Can connect to my ec2 instance using:

ssh -i ~/.privatekeyfile ec2-user@host

But get error when using TeamSQL


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mpochron commented Oct 8, 2018

here same issue as wrote by @henrynw


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watanabeyu commented Oct 9, 2018

same behavior.
please fix 🙇


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selcukkiziltug commented Oct 9, 2018

The team is currently working on this issue, and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.


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cedx commented Nov 9, 2018

I have a similar issue: when using TeamSQL v3, all my MySQL & PostgreSQL connections with SSH tunnel were working perfectly (without having to use a private key file).

When using TeamSQL v4, most of the same MySQL connections with SSH tunnel now fail with this message: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up.
Setting a private key file did not change anything.

I have 4 MySQL connections with SSH tunnel : one of them still succeed to connect to the database server. After investigation, I realized that the working connection communicates with a MariaDB server v10.3.9, and the failing connections communicate with MySQL servers v5.1.73 (three different servers, but using the same software version).


  • Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.10
  • TeamSQL 4.0.392

EDIT : sorry for the unassignement of @barisozanguler below, it was not voluntary (a bad click on the wrong place). How is it possible?

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