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@daPhie79 daPhie79 released this May 1, 2018 · 145 commits to mainline since this release

hakchi2 CE v1.2.4 (Easy as 1.2...4)

This is v1.2.4 of hakchi2 CE. This is a maintenance release to fix bugs and regressions. As always, if you encounter any bugs, please feel free to open an issue on Github and we'll try to address it as we can.


hakchi2 CE by @TeamShinkansen and hakchi scripts from @madmonkey1907 have always been experimental software: while we strive to offer a risk-free experience, unpredictable things can happen, so


  • Scripts update and Kernel > Install/Repair should finally work properly for both clovershell and ssh shells!
  • more consistent and more safety dialogs to advise user when the NES/SNES Mini is in recovery mode
  • better chances of network mode working properly
  • shell type indicator in the main app status bar

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • current hakchi scripts version is now queried directly from installed hmod
  • screenshots not always working when emulator is running
  • fewer unrelated error messages during disconnects/reconnects
  • custom_backgrounds.hmod was not working if directory was not created beforehand
  • fixed typo in ftp address in Tools > Open FTP client
  • fixed wrong filenames generated in local .desktop files (did not affect syncing/exporting)
  • better resizing of the Technical Information dialog
  • much improved shell environment setup for clovershell
  • fixed a long standing bug that didn't really show up, but would keep spamming threads while running after changing language
  • many smaller fixes and tweaks
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