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It's been a while, but hakchi2 ce 3.5.0 is finally here!

This release brings a bunch of fixes and new features, one of the most notable being the mod hub, a repository system that allows sources other than the mod store to be easily accessed from CE.

The first repository to make use of this new feature is KMFD's Mod Hub, so no more downloading the hmods manually from the pack just to get one of them that were updated.

Other notable changes is that the PuTTYtel telnet client is included and the Open FTP Client menu item now opens windows explorer by default.

Also included is preliminary support for running in mono on Linux, to run without crashing, ensure you have libusb installed.

A full list of changes in CE is as follows:

  • Mod Hub

    • An all new repository system that allows any source to be added and accessed from within CE!
  • Driver

    • Update for windows 7 compatibility
    • Launch the driver installer when needed if not installed
    • Hide the install driver button in dialogs when the driver is already installed
  • Mod Store

    • Made info panel into a proper C# control instead of using HTML
    • Change download dialog to one that allows canceling the download.
    • Allow aborting downloads
    • Add experimental tab
  • Linux Support (Kind Of)

    • Make sure libusb is installed, if you get an error about not being able to open the device, run as root or change your udev rules.
    • UI bugs galore!
  • Miscellaneous

    • Update retroarch core info
    • Fix missing folders in the Hakchi2 folder in documents
    • Game archiving, you can now export games as .clvg format and import into another copy of Hakchi2 CE
    • Shonen jump support
    • Open FTP in windows explorer
    • Bundle PuTTYtel for telnet access and use as the default client
    • Ignore kernel backup if shift is held while selecting Kernel > Uninstall
    • Add menu item to generate modules report file
    • Add sort by emulated system in mod select dialog
    • Update faustbear icon set to 2.22
    • Update credits
    • Set working directory to always be the path of hakchi.exe
  • Code Changes

    • Create readme form control
    • Re-factor and cleanup hmod related code
    • Update installer to include hakchi2 ce version from exe
    • Add makefile project for installers to solution
    • Add makefile project for zip files to solution
    • Update installer to only remove installed files and not the entire install path, this could have been very bad if it was installed to the root directory of a drive!
    • Decompression tweaks for hmods
  • Hakchi

    • recovery mode now supports wi-fi with latest wpa-supplicant
    • time syncs at startup with latest wpa-supplicant
    • new usb timeouts
    • sntool nand r/w fix
    • fix fel boot
    • move ttyd
    • needKeyFile() function
    • export hmod list to usb
    • fixed chmenu wait
    • clovercon famicom fix