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SynergyTube - The foolish SynchTube

Status: deprecated.

see node-synergytube


What it is

SynergyTube aims to be an alternative to SynchTube which has been shut-down. First goals have been reached by establishing a channel-system and user profiles.

Currently we've just reached our third milestone (v0.2)
Next up is 0.3

How it works

A Channel simply consists of a playlist which is managed by the Channel-Admins. The Admins can change the currently playing item, delete items, add items and manage the channel (change description, cover-image, etc..)
You only have to log-in to use the chat functionality and take part in polls. Or if you are an admin of course.
Currently supported Media-Vendors are:

  • Youtube

We're planning on adding more soon after the system has reached version 0.3.

Implemented Features

  • User Limit on Channels
  • Administrationship of Channels
  • A Working Channel-Overview
  • Realtime Communication via Socket.IO
  • Playlist-Synchronisation
  • Database-Abstraction



  • node.js-Instance
    Note: Always use the latest Node-Version
  • PHP-Server
  • MySQL-Database


  1. Download the master-branch as a tarball or clone it with your native git-client
  2. Don't leave the socket_server folder accessible from the web. Copy it to a seperate folder (eg. /var/nodejs/synergy) and execute it from over there.
  3. If you intend to use MySQL as the DBMS of your choice just use backend-script this ships with. If you want to use another one just have a look at /socket-server/mysql_backend.js and create your own one in the same pattern or look arround the web for your database system.
  4. (shouldn't be needed as of 0.4) Go To your /require in your WebPage-Directory and configure the "" file to your needs.
  5. Install the node.js server and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your backend.
cd /path/to/socket_server/app.js
npm install
  1. Run it!
node app.js

Development & Future Plans


  • (Deploy the Client-Frontend over ExpressJS)
  • Provide a better User Experience and some EyeCandy
  • Fully update to AngularJS (#25)


  • Add Support for other Media Vendors
  • Channels for Everypony (#51)
  • User Profiles and Stuff
  • Poll-System
  • Full List here

Suport, Contributing & Development

If you want to support our work let us know:
mail us | open an issue | make a pull request
If you are not sure if a bug's currently beeing fixed check out the development branches


Licensed under MIT-License.
see LICENSE for further details