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ULib is a developer library for GMod 13 (

ULib provides such features as universal physics, user access lists, and much, much more!

Visit our homepage at

You can talk to us on our forums at


ULib requires a working copy of the latest garrysmod, and that's it!



ULib's workshop ID is 557962238. You can subscribe to ULib via Workshop here.


To install ULib, simply extract the files from the downloaded archive to your garrysmod/addons folder. When you've done this, you should have a file structure like this:





Please note that installation is the same on dedicated servers.

You absolutely, positively have to do a full server restart after installing the files. A simple map change will not cut it!


Server admins do not "use" ULib, they simply enjoy the benefits it has to offer. After installing ULib correctly, scripts that take advantage of ULib will take care of the rest. Rest easy!


ULib is brought to you by..


See the CHANGELOG file for information regarding changes between releases.


To all developers, I sincerely hope you enjoy what ULib has to offer! If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, please tell us at

If you want an overview of what's in ULib, please visit the documentation at If you find any bugs, you can report them at

All ULib's functions are kept in the table "ULib" to prevent conflicts.

Revisions are kept in the function/variable documentation. If you don't see revisions listed, it hasn't changed since v2.0

If you write a script taking advantage of ULib, stick the init script inside ULib/modules. ULib will load your script after ULib loads, and will send it to and load it on clients as well.

Some important quirks developers should know about --

  • autocomplete - You have to define the autocomplete on the client, so if you pass a string for autocomplete to ULib.concommand, it will assume you mean a client function. There's also a delay in the sending of these to the client.