XGUI does not show CAMI Privileges that was registered after XGUI initialize #64

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EDIT: It does not show registered CAMI Privileges that was registered after XGUI is initialized

Steps to reproduce

Register CAMI Privilege after XGUI is initialized

Expected behavior

  1. You are able to restrict access per group
  2. Access appears in XGUI group configuration menu

Actual behavior

Only first

Error(s) in server console, if any


Error(s) in player's console, if any



] ulx version
ULib v2.61d
ULX v3.71d


2016-07-20_15-03_garry s mod
2016-07-20_15-47_garry s mod

Suggestion about current menu

In the hover hint please display full Privilege name instead of just "A privilege from CAMI"
2016-07-20_15-53_garry s mod

@roboderpy roboderpy changed the title from XGUI does not show registered CAMI Privileges to XGUI does not show CAMI Privileges that was registered after XGUI initialize Jul 20, 2016

@SticklyMan, do we need to make some kind of hook to notify XGUI when privileges change?


@Nayruden The issue is likely here, which only happens on ulx.HOOK_ULXDONELOADING:

Does UCLChanged get called when a privilege is changed? Otherwise, yeah, XGUI will need some kind of notification to repopulate and send out the updated accesses.

@Nayruden Nayruden self-assigned this Jul 21, 2016

Got it; taking on the task of creating a hook for new privileges. @SticklyMan, you can implement it on your side (XGUI) before me; just tell me the hook name you choose.

@roboderpy roboderpy referenced this issue in roboderpy/dpp Aug 9, 2016

list of what each CAMI convar does? #14

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