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Team Vanir

  • Jdkoreclipse: Founder, Lead Dev, Rom Dev, Kernel Dev
  • SonicXML: Founder, Rom Dev, Kernel Dev
  • DHO: Rom Dev
  • PrimeDirective: Rom Dev
  • Nunyazz: Public Relations
  • Baldwinguy77: Rom Dev
  • BuckMarble: Rom Dev
  • Vanir Bean

    Current Version:


    v8.0.1.0: give user a warning about VanirUberWipe, hopefully clean up battery life (cleaned scripts), added imosey.s power.tuna.ko to fix kernel valeus ot setting on boot, added in youtube.apk b/c it wouldnt dl from the market

    v8: Added Advanced Power menu, gutted out the cmplx tweaks, removed tons of bloatware, kanged jake's gps fix, compressed apps for size, pngopted apps 3 times, coked in VanirUberWipe (rom now wipes on flash)

    v7: fixed GPS, fixed booting issue (thanks jake), fixed deepsleep, fixed bluetooth, fixed ERI, added sony Bravia engine, added batt%, added quick glow softkeys, more butter via PrimeDirective's Tsunami script, PNGOPTED and compressed any no-google proprietary apks over 1mb

    v5: Addded PopcornScripts and also fixed some little things

    v4 RC7: Fixed deep sleep, market issues, and other little issues

    v3: Added cmplxth3ory credit DHO, Popcornkernel, fixed wifi, fixed GPS, various optimizations, fixed deep sleep issue , added nano/bash/sysrw/sysrw

    v2.1:Fixed wifi (or at east returned it to how it was in v1)

    v2: Fixed data, deodexed, fixed reboot problems

    v1: Initial release