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audio hack for louder audio
dumpstate tuna: add ducati version information to dumpstate
liblight liblight: Narrow the pulse for notification LED blink
libsensors am 477abd9: sensors: Retry poll on EINTR
nfc Set NFC load modulation parameters to recommended values.
overlay tuna: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on autobrightness updates
recovery fix toroplus build break
reflash-bootloader tuna: add tool that can reflash bootloader from userspace tuna: create a symlink for hdcp_keys Initial tuna build update PopcornKernel to v10.1 Replace vendor specific NfcGoogle.apk with generic Nfc.apk
Melfas_MMSxxx_Touchscreen.idc Add touch screen configuration.
README.mms144_ts tuna: add copyright/license notice for melfas firmware wlan: Set default locale to support non-DFS channels only
board-info.txt Relax bootloader check remove gnex parts for now
dock.png Add portrait dock image
egl.cfg Do not use software rendering.
gps.conf Add gps.conf file for large fish
init.tuna.rc remove gnex parts for now
init.tuna.usb.rc Toro: USB: Add RNDIS+DM+MODEM
kernel update to popcorn v10.3.1
media_profiles.xml Fix for 5603113 profiles and levels in media_profile.xml are not matc…
mms144_ts_rev31.fw tuna: update touch firmware to vers 0x65/0x45
mms144_ts_rev32.fw tuna: update touch firmware to vers 0x65/0x45
nfcee_access.xml Allow dev key NFC access on user build variants
recovery.fstab Support bootloader and radio OTAs for Prime. Tool to fix the fs_size in the crypto footer
sec_jack.kcm tuna: add headset jack key layout files
sec_jack.kl tuna: add headset jack key layout files
tuna-gpio-keypad.kcm Add key maps for tuna keypad.
tuna-gpio-keypad.kl Add key maps for tuna keypad.
ueventd.tuna.rc Toro: USB: Add RNDIS+DM+MODEM Hide from lunch menu


This copyright/license notice pertains to files:



Copyright (c) 2011 by MELFAS, Inc. All right reserved.

Permission is hereby granted for the distribution of this firmware data
in hexadecimal or equivalent format, provided this copyright notice is
accompanying it.
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